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Couples Counseling in Cincinnati

  • About 80% 0f my clients are Couples.
  • My approach to therapy is very goal oriented.
  • The most common approach to Couples Therapy would be to begin with a two-hour session and then to continue with one hour sessions on a weekly basis. As I, and/or the clients, feel progress towards the goals is well under way therapy may then be spaced out more.
    • Other clients sometimes need a different approach and so we will try to arrange therapy to be as effective but with alternative timing e.g. doing more frequent sessions at the beginning or doing longer sessions less frequently.
  • I am a strong, caring and neutral presence and bring my many years of experience to my work with couples. I encourage the partners, sometimes pushing very vigorously, to work towards their goals.
  • My belief and experience is that I am the person with the expertise to facilitate the couple to tap into their own reserves to find healthier ways to live. I am neutral and have opinions, perceptions and experiences that I will share, to help bring about the desired changes.
  • I emphasize the mutually created dynamic of the relationship and try to assist the two individuals to see their part in the perpetuation of the problems. At the same time I try help them develop much healthier ways of inter-relating.
  • Even if one person has the identified problem e.g. Depression; Affair; Addiction or an illness or physiological problem, my focus will still be on their communication dynamic. The other 'issue', if outside my competency, needs to be dealt with in another appropriate venue. If it is an issue that I have expertise in then I will deal with it and its impact on the relationship, while simultaneously working on the couples' problematic communication pattern.
  • Along with our therapeutic dialogue I will also use a Personality Indicator, Family of Origin work and Behavioral Homework to assist the couple move towards their, very clearly specified, goals.
  • Homework will be a part of our therapy from the first session to the last.
  • Goals established at the early part of therapy will be our measuring stick and help us all determine how effective therapy is and when the therapy may be coming to an end.