Directions to the office of Cincinnati therapist – Tony Fryer

Scripps Center, 312 Walnut Street, Suite # 1140, Cincinnati.Ohio 45202

Scripps Center

For GPS the address is
312 Walnut Street, Cincinnati 45202

Information and Directions for those coming from Northern Kentucky


  1. The Scripps Center has an integral parking garage that can be entered from 3rd Street. The rate is $2.00 per 20 minutes (1/2020). If you choose to park here it is at your own expense. You can ignore signs that say full or monthly parking only.
  2. I will pay for the parking of one car in the Riverfront Parking Garage, shown on the above map, which can be entered from Race Street and other entrances. At the end of your session I will give you a Chaser Ticket which will cover your cost and I will be billed. This lot is $3.00 per hour (1/2020).
    It is best to park under the Freedom Center and take the Walnut Street Exit. This will take you to 2nd Street, just opposite the Scripps Center.
  3. RED’S GAME DAYS And other times beyond my control, parking will not be available at an hourly rate and so I will be unable to validate your parking. You can choose to park there or elsewhere but is will be for cash and at your own expense.