Testimonials for Tony Fryer, Marriage and Family Therapist

I’ve been working with Tony Fryer for about 9 months. I came to him because I had been feeling distraught, conflicted, and unsettled. I wasn’t exactly sure why. My life has changed tremendously since, and I feel like a completely different person…read more.

We learned of Tony Fryer through a family friend and are forever grateful. We went to Tony when we were at a crossroads in our relationship: get married or break up. We were in love – and miserable. Tony helped us understand ourselves, each other, our dynamic, and gave us the tools to be better communicators in our relationship…read more.

Tony gave us the tools to save our relationship. He has been a true gift and gave us the best counseling experience either of us has ever had. It was hard and challenging as he pushed both of us out of our comfort zones and forced us to really examine who we are as individuals and how that affects the relationship…read more.

Tony knows what he is doing!—Tony Fryer definitely knows what he is doing when it comes to helping couples with their marriages. My husband and I desperately needed counseling as we were on the brink of seperating. He does not sugar-coat anything and gets right to meat of the problem…read more.

I couldn’t recommend Tony with any more enthusiasm or confidence. He’s incredibly gifted as a therapist: knowledgeable, kind, attentive, disciplined, direct, and with a custom-designed plan to help people (and couples) heal, grow, and develop. He speaks truthfully and in a way that can be effectively received; he listens deeply and asks insightful questions…read more.

One of the best decisions in my life has been to seek out help from a therapist. Tony Fryer was extremely insightful and guided me with great knowledge and truth toward a new understanding about my past and my personality…read more.

Tony, I want you to know that I continue the work you started with me, every day in fact. I think it’s too easy to not bother to remind those who’ve helped us of the lasting value of that help…read more.

Tony was extremely effective—I am a Clergyman that was giving spiritual counseling to a young man named Steve…I knew he needed more help than I could give him, so I sent him to receive counseling from Tony Fryer…read more.

Extremely talented and helpful—Tony was incredibly helpful to my husband and me. He was able to quickly get to know us and dove deep into important parts of our relationship and relationships with others…read more.

Really great experience.—My wife and I are very pleased with Tony. From our first session with him, we were impressed with his insight. He seemed to know when we were not saying what needed to be said…read more.

Positive Experience—I am grateful to Tony for his professionalism and compassion during a very difficult time in my life…read more.

Warm, insightful—Tony brings a breadth of experience and perspective to counseling. He sees how the whole family histories of husband and wife affect the couple and their relationship…read more.

Very Helpful—Tony is a genuine, honest therapist who takes the time to understand both sides of a story…read more.

Great Experience—The time that my wife and spent with Tony saved our marriage – it truly was the most beneficial investment that we collectively made in our marriage…read more.