Family Counseling. Infidelity in Marriage. Divorce Mediation. Sexual Dysfunction.

Relationship counseling is great for couples who want to enhance their relationship. Don’t just muddle along. Functioning is one aspect of a good marriage but for a relationship to thrive requires connection and understanding.

Family counseling services designed for parents provides direction and support. Trying to raise a child alone is not easy and therapy is one place that can help you think more objectively about how you are parenting and what might work better.

Repairing broken relationships through therapy. Too often people think that an affair means the relationship needs to end. This is not true. If a couple are helped to work through the trauma of infidelity and they both want to stay in the relationship, then good couples therapy can help make their relationship even stronger.

Children and parents of blended families benefit from family therapy. Raising children is a very worthwhile and complicated task but when there are different homes and parents involved then the task has added stressors. You can benefit from the knowledge gathered by a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Pre-Marital counseling helps build a solid foundation for any marriage. “Love is all you need”, is not true. Why enter a committed relationship without preparation? Using therapy as a preventative tool rather than a way to work through the build-up of problems, is a wise move. Learn more about yourself, your partner and how to communicate more effectively.

Divorce counseling pre- or post-divorce helps all family members. Our society often helps us move through the death of loved ones but when our marriages/relationships end we are often left alone and feel we have failed. Even for the person who wanted a divorce, the change is stressful and the move to single life or meeting new people brings challenges. Therapy can help a person transition more smoothly.

Families and couples struggling with relationships Post Divorce. Being a parent/step parent, child/step child takes a lot of readjusting. It is a change that does not need to be so negative. Parents and children are unsure of how to act and what to talk about. A neutral therapist can help the family navigate this new terrain.

Couple’s therapy for couples with sexual dysfunction. Once an individual has been to their physician and ruled out medical influences on their sexual activity then therapy can help them overcome issues that present as a physiological issue. Most sexual issues in relationship are best dealt with through Couple’s Therapy.

Personal counseling or therapy is for those wanting to understand themselves more so as to improve communication and maximize their potential. We are people of different personality types and with a variety of family histories. Building awareness of yourself will help you have healthier relationships.

Those dealing with illness and grieving also benefit from therapy. When you are sick or grieving the experience can often bring great loneliness. The basic beliefs about the meaning of life are brought into question. At such times a caring and skillful therapist can help guide you through the pain.

In my practice I want to be inclusive and want the public to know that I am. I want to be pro-active in supporting groups who are often marginalized by society.