Parenting and Communication Mediation Pre- and Post-Decree

  • Mediation is NOT Therapy! Rather, it is a structured problem-solving process where I, as a neutral, assist people to come to a voluntary agreement.
  • It helps parents to actively discuss and structure an agreement for the betterment of their co-parenting of their children. Working in this healthy way tries to prevent the protracted litigation process. You will work with the Mediator, sometimes together and sometimes individually. In Litigation most information is channeled through third parties (Attorneys) and emotions and monetary costs can easily sky-rocket. Mediation with reasonably healthy parents has more potential for better future co-parenting relationship.
  • When I work with a divorced or divorcing couple it is most frequently to do with: communication problems, a parenting schedule/structure, parenting and step-parenting decisions and problems.
  • The Uniform Mediation Act protects the process by stating that I, as the Mediator, cannot be called to act as a witness, expert or consultant in any present or future legal action relating to the subject matter of the Mediation.
  • I am not an attorney and do not provide any legal advice. I encourage all parties to retain an attorney for their own legal counsel and my clients sign a contract with me that permits me to have dialogue with their attorneys.
  • At the conclusion of a successful Mediation process I draft a Memorandum of Agreement. This document is then submitted by each client to their attorney, who will review and implement the decisions.
  • Meetings are conducted bi-weekly but can be conducted more or less frequently.
  • Retainer will be taken at the beginning to cover 10 hours of work on the clients behalf.