What a great pro-active thing for a couple of any age to do! During my work with this couple I we will explore their differences and develop knowledge of each other that will help prevent some common communication issues that are often a part of marriage.

Many people expend considerable amounts of money and time in education and training for careers. How come so few do the same preparation for marriage? What could be more important?

Here’s my basic approach:

  1. Assessing personality style and gaining tools for avoiding some behavioral pitfalls.
  2. Looking at each individual’s family background and being more aware of the ways our history can impact our marriages. Even a fantastic family background can be problematic when we decide to merge those histories in marriage. Better to be aware and prepared for our future. It’s not a matter of looking for problems it is more about trying to prevent them.
  3. Developing some useful tools for the future. Life can pull us apart if we are not concrete in our action to keep our love alive and growing.
  4. Reflecting on some of our basic needs, wants and desires around the areas of finances, intimacy, child-rearing, education and careers.

The two individuals will exit therapy with some very useful tools to help them feel more secure in their marriage decision and with more clarity about how to live a happy and long marriage relationship.

If there are some substantial relationship issues for the couple then they may request a combination of Pre-Marriage and Couples Therapy.