Northern Kentucky Family & Marriage Counseling Services

My downtown Cincinnati office location makes it easy for me to serve Northern Kentucky. Many of my clients come from Covington, Ft Thomas, Ft Mitchell and further away, for Couples, Marriage and Individual Therapy.

Clear connection from I 71, I 75, I471 and Columbia Parkway.  For parking follow these instructions:

  1. The parking garage entrance is on the right, just before you come to Fifth Street.
  2. Take the elevator to Lobby.
  3. Then take other elevator to the 15th floor.
  4. Exiting the elevator, turn away from Reception and you’ll see a keypad to the left of the glass door.
  5. Enter the code I will provide.
  6. Turn right in the corridor and come past a large pillar to my Waiting Room. It’s the first room on the left.The number is by the door handle, on the frame and is 57. You can close the door for your own Privacy.
  7. I will come to get you at the appointment time. Please help yourself to a beverage.

When I came from Ireland in 2001 I had my first office on Fairfield Avenue, Bellevue, Northern Kentucky but I was told that many Cincinnatians were unlikely to cross the Ohio. Although Northern Kentucky residents find it hard to cross the river too, experience has shown they are more likely to do it, which is why I moved to Columbia Plaza. It maximizes my ability to serve more people in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Region.

Directions from Northern Kentucky

Via I-71/75

Simply plug the above destination into your GPS.

Via I-471

Simply plug the above destination into your GPS.