Collaborative law. Divorce mediation. Family-focused alternative.

The focus of my work is on helping families live more healthily and resourcefully than they have been and that includes families who are going through the transition of the parents divorcing. For 15 years I was a member of the Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals (CACP), which is a group of Attorneys, Mental Health Professionals and Financial Planners who work together with the divorcing couple. It is a team approach to divorce that tries to help the couple more effectively move through the transition that divorcing is. For those who have children, it is the transition from married parenting to co-parenting. It is a respectful process that keeps the couple in control and making the choices they feel are best for themselves and the children now and into the future.

In my work with families and couples over the years , I have seen the pain that often follows the other approaches to divorce. The damage resulting from a battled divorce proceeding will follow the couple for years. For the children of such divorces, the pain will negatively affect many areas of their lives including their own relationships and marriages.

As a Collaborative Family Relations Specialist in this process, my role was to help keep communications healthy and to try prevent unnecessary escalation of the deep emotions that are always part of the process. I also helped the parents learn how to less negatively impact the children through the process and in the many years of co-parenting that lie ahead.

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